FSG Property Services Ltd understands that all repairs need to be carried out professionally, within a sufficient time-frame and to a high standard of quality to protect the tenant and the property from further refurbishment works.

responsive repairs

All reactive repairs are categorised by emergency, urgent and routine call-outs and carried out by our team of directly employed tradespeople who are fully qualified to attend to the fault reported. We can assist you in making sure the structure of the property is kept in a good condition, all gas and electrical appliances work efficiently and that tenants can continue to live in a safe and comfortable home.

Emergency Property Repairs

An emergency repair is needed when there’s a fault that could potentially cause harm or discomfort to tenants and others living around the property. Emergency property repairs include;

  • Faulty gas appliances
  • Complete loss of electricity
  • Boiler and heating system failure
  • Insecure external doors
  • Damage caused by serious flood or fire

Urgent Property Repairs

An urgent repair is needed when there’s a fault that can cause inconvenience but will not represent a substantial risk to life, health, safety or the security or the home. Urgent property repairs include;

  • Water leaks (non-hazardous)
  • Defective flooring causing hazard
  • Partial loss of electricity
  • Partial heating failure
  • Blocked or non-flushing toilet
responsive repairs
responsive repairs

Routine Property Repairs

A routine repair is needed when a fault does not strictly affect the tenants living environment but needs to be carried out to maintain the home to a certain standard. Routine property repairs include;

  • Broken sockets or switches
  • Damaged kitchen and bathroom units
  • Broken fence panels
  • Dripping taps or showers
  • Damaged plasterboard or brickwork

FSG Property Services Ltd works with each client to implement procedures and reporting structures to effectively record the repair, helping to minimise costs, monitor performance, Asset Management and drive continuous improvement.

Our robust IT system and use of real-time data enables us to deliver our reactive repair service in a transparent, accurate and efficient manner. All reactive property repairs are carried out by a team dedicated to the contract and accurately recorded, inspected and completed within agreed timescales.

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gallery responsive repairs
gallery responsive repairs
gallery responsive repairs
responsive repairs maintenance
gallery responsive repairs
gallery responsive repairs
gallery responsive repairs
responsive repairs maintenance

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